Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

Samsung Galaxy TabletThe launch of Samsung galaxy Tablet has given you a new diversion after many new products coming up in the market. It is a very innovative idea compared with other products. The tablet fans can finally get a variety other than the iPad after Samsung bringing out the galaxy tablet. The technological world has welcomed this new diversion with a new wave in the digital world due to its excellent and advanced features.

The very first thing that is normally noticed by you, are the looks of the handset, if at all it’s worth enough, will it look classy enough! These entire exclamatory questions have a common solution in Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It looks more like the iPad but other than that the features starting from the battery back up to network; everything is designed in a more advanced way.

Talking about the features specified in this handset, its powered by a CortexA8 1GHz processor and has 512MB of RAM. The storage capacity is observed to be limited up to 32 GB which can be increased with a SD card. It consists of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity for providing speed for browsing. There’s an additional 1.3 MP camera in the front of the device for video chats or video calling. It has a display of 1024*600 resolutions with main screen of about 7 inches with camera of 3 MP. The tab is rounded off with a Bluetooth 3.0 and 30 pin data connector.

Other than that the display effects and connectivity, the battery life is equally impressive with a seven hour movie playback without charging. It weighs around 380 and it’s very sleek enough and looks very flimsy when in hand. Apart from the video calling and chats it also provides Flash options, both integrated in web browsers and a standalone player. Other than that it even supports video formats such as XviD and DivX. There are certain basic applications such as Adobe Flash player, document editor, Microsoft Exchange which is user friendly.

The price range is around Rs.25000 to Rs.40000 and is expected to fall because of the increase in demand by the consumers and looking at the price as well as the features, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is bound to make a place in the market and at the earliest. The hope would go on that this table becomes even more successful and strengthens the tablet platform further.


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