Samsung nexus with Android 4

Samsung galaxy has come up with various new products in the recent years. But this new Samsung nexus with android 4.0 has been the ultimate one. It has all the advanced features as per the requirements and specifications made out by the consumers. Just pick up the phone and it becomes clear that you are in the company of a quality phone.
Samsung nexus Android 4
The main purpose to bring out this handset was to give the market a very user friendly phone that would eventually suite an individual’s demand and would fit his hand. Normally there were phones which had a very large display, often created a problem for the users while handling the phone. But the new Samsung nexus is easy to carry and a normal display acceptable for all. This phone is light in weight, and slim to carry sand suits every user.

The main features of Samsung nexus with android 4.0 include a contoured glass display. It is been observed that there exists a bezel around the phone which is very thin and only 4.29mm in thickness. The best part is a 5 megapixel rear facing camera as well as 1.3 megapixel front facing camera.  There is another feature seen that Samsung nexus has zero shutter lag which means, there is no delay when you press the shutter and the camera gets processed.

There are many more features other than the very basic ones that include the processor for this phone that is accompanied by 1GB RAM and 32 GB of the built in memory for the media related storage. There are widgets as well in the phone that provide you with pop-up options even if the screen is not in use.

It has been observed that this new version of Samsung nexus has been brought with a completely new look and feel, unlike the past few tablets. It is not just better looking; it also has advanced looking features which make the phone even more attractive. There are things like, usage of your own picture, to unlock the device for instance. There are many applications like Google maps available, allowing you to access the key functions without entering the menu first.

This Samsung nexus will definitely be an ultimate choice for you. The price set is around 15000 INR, which is pretty much affordable. The releasing date for this phone is 13th December, and is coming out with promises and features never observed before.

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