Dell XCD35 Review

Dell Xcd35Dell XCD35 is an attractive android 2.1 smart phone with various useful features which an affordable price. The smart and sleek phone is very elegant in use and is acknowledged by all. As the phone is manufactured by ZTE Company, it is popularly known as ZTE Blade. Dell has always been one of the top most companies in the market bearing the laptops and computers. And now, with the Dell XCD35 in the market, the users have observed similar technology in this piece as well. There are many additional features added in this phone other than the regular features available in rest of the mobiles.

The basic requirements for any user are the camera or sound system. In this new phone, the camera is of 3.2 megapixels with zoom features. It even better picture quality and video recordings. The phone consists of multimedia features with FM radio, music player facilities. The connectivity options of the Dell XCD 35 have 2G as well 3G networks available in it. It has the Bluetooth facility with USB and WAP connection. It also has GPRS and Wi-Fi options inbuilt in it.

The touch screen is of 3.5 inches which only requires a soft touch to use the phone. The battery life of the phone is good and it doesn’t need long hours of charging for its usage. The memory status observed of this phone is of 150 MB with micro SD and expandable memory of about 32GB which is accepted by all the users actively. It has the messaging features included like MMS, SMS, and Emails as well. The additional features observed are the document reader software with word, PowerPoint capabilities. It also supports Android V2.2 OS with Qualcomm MSM 7227 600 MHz processor.

This way, it includes various features and specifications which makes this mobile very different as well as useful for all the type of people and all generations. The approximate price of this piece is around 12900 Rs which isn’t much when compared to the other phones available in the market. Being reasonable in price and with so many additional features, it has been a sure success among the users.

Dell XCD35 Price: Rs.12599\-

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